That Happy Chick. (:

I love being Happy. (:
I'm 23.
Living in Brisbane.
Bachelor of Creative industries Graduate with a major in Fashion.
I love life!!

Some things I have learnt about myself from working a 6 day a week job, mostly by myself for the past 7 months are:

1. I miss being around people. Working with people and having people to go have some drinks with after work. Working by yourself most of the time takes its toll on you, and can severely hinder your social life. You spend so much time by yourself that it becomes an effort to actually go out and socialise (and you actually almost forget how to and I’m a big people person).

2. I never thought I’d miss hospitality as much as I do. My hospitality days were also my most sociable.

3. I don’t mind retail and I enjoy being a manager, but only if it feels like I’m being productive and there are things to do. Also a team environment with more than one other person. I’m really sick of trying to relate to the one junior worker I get on weekends. I’ve run out of conversation topics with her. Also, having customers in general helps me like retail. (Some days I only get 1 or 2 customers come through, sometimes none and it drives me up the wall with boredom.)

4. Unless I absolutely LOVE a job and what I do in my job, I’m never working a full time 6 day a week job again if I don’t have to. Another reason its harder for me to socialise or make random trips away.

5. I’m definitely a city girl. Working in the suburbs sucks balls.

6. Being in a job where there is more or less nothing to do 90% of the time after you’ve cleaned everything, also makes you not want to do anything when you get home either. There is a few things I’ve been meaning to get done when I get home and I end up just sitting there, not wanting to move. I just want to feel energetic/motivated again

My holiday /move interstate cannot come soon enough! Bring on September!